approach-photoMission Statement

To provide the highest quality facilities for our clients, the best working environment for our employees, and the highest levels of professionalism in the sustainable building industry.


E Cube’s management philosophy is based on creating a team atmosphere where our clients, employees, and associates work together toward a common goal. That goal is the same on all projects: to provide exceptional building performance.

Our commissioning approach supports this goal by providing clear definitions of team member roles and responsibilities, early planning/scheduling, effective communication, and cooperative issue resolution. Our team of experts reviews the design of each project, with a critical eye on best practices and lessons-learned over many decades. On the job-site, we work directly with the installing contractors overseeing the installation, startup and testing of commissioned systems. Functional commissioning is led by E Cube’s experienced staff working closely with the rest of the project team. Issues identified during this process are quickly communicated to the team and tracked to ensure they are resolved to the owner’s satisfaction.

Our experience shows that highly efficient buildings are only achieved if the facilities personnel are given the tools and training to successfully operate and maintain their building systems. We are strong advocates for early submission and review of Operation and Maintenance Manuals and for joint development of training agendas with input from all parties. We also encourage the owner’s facility staff to participate in all aspects of commissioning as schedules and staffing permit. Our projects are turned over very smoothly to the facilities staff to ensure occupant comfort and optimization of building systems.