advocate_lutheran_photo2Location: Park Ridge, IL
Total Floor Area: 386,000 SF
Date Completed: June 2009
LEED™ Certification: Silver

The New Bed Tower is a 196 bed project including MRI, ICU, Neonatal and Patient Rooms. The facility includes a steam boiler plant which supplements the campus heating system, a dedicated hot water condensing boiler plant, a 1,650 Ton water-cooled, centrifugal chiller plant, air-cooled chillers dedicated to MRI and IT loads, high-efficiency air handling units, intensive care unit pressure controls, central medical gas system, daylight dimming, fuel oil emergency power systems, and numerous other cutting-edge systems and technologies.

E Cube provided LEED fundamental and enhanced commissioning, plus commissioning well beyond the typical LEED requirements. The project culminated in a detailed Integrated Systems Test which included evaluation of the facility under various utility power failure modes.