Photo Courtesy of AJC Architects
Photo Courtesy of AJC Architects
Location: Logan, UT
Total Floor Area: 118,000 SF
Date Completed: December 2010
LEED™ Certification: Gold

The USTAR Bioinnovations Center is a new research laboratory located on the Innovation Campus of Utah State University, Logan, UT. It houses research teams such as the Applied Nutrition Research team, Veterinary Diagnostics and Infectious Disease team, and the Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing Center.

The building is divided into two main wings. The first is designated for research laboratories and the other for a 13,000 square foot vivarium and 5,000 square feet of BSL3 (Bio Safety Lab – Level 3) enhanced suites where research with select agents is conducted. The BSL3 suite is designed as an isolated zone from the Vivarium and the rest of the building. This area is intended to function as a “box within a box”, and has strictly controlled access, individual room monitoring, and special security measures.